Why Connectivity may no longer be an issue with MAXapps

A genuine online / offline mobile solution designed for Maximo users

In today’s industry, a growing number of operating workflows are heavily depending on the mobile solutions in place. IoT has transformed the way enterprises operate and manage their assets and deploy their workforces. After spending a bunch of time mapping all the processes needed, every Maximo manager will face a common problem.


Many mobile apps rely on LTE or Wi-Fi networks and may face congestion due latency or coverage issues. Working on mobile solutions, whether on site or on fields, could be challenging : even a micro loss of signal may be damaging to data collection and exchange.

In fact,Mobile connectivity issues are today’s top reason for internal trouble tickets in an enterprise, and also the fastest growing category of help-desk tickets. But while a disruption in network connectivity issues are a prime suspect, the issue could very well reside at the cloud provider’s end, making it complex to pin-point the problem.

Connectivity remains an “out of control” variable that increase the need of a reliable and trusted mobile offline solution.

With that in mind, MAXapps brings to the table an all-in-one secure and performant solution. MAXapps has been built for those in industries that require a reliable disconnected solution.

Some common issues encountered when the connection is lost :
• Usually in many mobile apps, users may have to log in again. MAXapps does not end up retarding productivity because it will seamlessly transition from connected to offline mode
• During the connection shortage, all the transactions are stored on the mobile device pending backend response. MAXapps ensure data safety bothin real-time and offline mode , by using a high level of encryption both on device and with the HTTP + SSL on data transport

• When using the mobile app, having a clear indicator stating whether we are in connected or offline mode is a valuable. MAXapps red line on the top of the screen indicates that the app has silently switch to the offline mode due to a weak bandwith.

• Usually a poor network connection network connection translates into a poor user experience. Besides, nowadays users expect mobile apps to work the same way even when they're offline. MAXapps add-on is built with this issue in mind. Switching to the offline mode does not mean less functionalities. Actually Maximo end-users have to deal with a lot of domains when filling forms. For instance, having all the classification available with a simple Lookup function when they fill out a work order is a key improvement.

Another key features of MAXapps is that it makes sure that data entry‘s validation is processed the same way in either mode – even without the need of a complete synchronization when regaining the connection.

• Coming out some huge features : The ability for MAXapps to fully interact with the Maximo environment in offline mode. For example, End-users will be allowed to change status, move assets, make an inventory reconciliation (among other things) while disconnected.

In brief, mobile connectivity issues are the hardest troubleshooting tickets to close out : Users may daily move on within different networks and experience different level of problems. 5G networking is inching closer by the day, promising to bring with it faster speeds, wider coverage, but that will not resolve the reliability issue. MAXapps offer a mobile solution regardless of the networks , that allow end-users to interact with all Maximo processes (such as Work / Procurement / Inventory management) without any risk of data losses.