Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For IBM Maximo

MAXapps P11

You can manipulate a combination of keys to perform an action without using the mouse. Some of these groups are standards and adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 and the Web Accessibility Initiative - Rich Internet Accessible Applications Specifications (WAI-ARIA). Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts and actions inside Maximo

Keyboard shortcuts for general navigation

Keyboard shortcut results applications
Tab key Move from one interface element to the next.
Enter key Select buttons, links, and menu options.
Spacebar Select or clear a check box.
Alt+F1 Display field help for field in focus.

Keyboard shortcuts for global navigation

Keyboard shortcut results applications
Alt+B Bulletins
Alt+G Go To
Alt+R Reports
Alt+C Start Center
Alt+P Profile
Alt+S Sign Out
Alt+H Help
Alt+R Return
Alt+W Return with Value

Keyboard shortcuts for application-specific actions

Keyboard shortcut results Applications
Ctrl + Alt + L Assign Labor Assignment Manager
Ctrl + Alt + F Finish Assignment Assignment Manager
Ctrl + Alt + U Interrupt Assignment Assignment Manager
Ctrl + Alt + W Select Work Date Assignment Manager
Ctrl + Alt + T Start Assignment Assignment Manager
Ctrl + Alt + B Start Timer Activities, Changes, Incidents, Problems, Releases, and Service Requests
Ctrl + Alt + E Stop Timer Activities, Changes, Incidents, Problems, Releases, and Service Requests

Keyboard shortcuts for toolbar actions

Keyboard shortcut Results Applications
Ctrl+Alt+I Insert New Record
Ctrl + Alt + W Save Record
Ctrl+Alt+C Clear Changes
Ctrl+Alt+P Previous Record
Ctrl+Alt+N Next Record
Ctrl+Alt+A Change Status
Ctrl+Alt+K Create KPI
Ctrl+Alt+L Put record in edit mode or release record from edit mode

Keyboard shortcuts for tables

Keyboard shortcut Results Applications
Ctrl+ Next Row
Ctrl+ Previous Row
Ctrl+Z Open/Close Table Window Filter
Ctrl+ Next Page
Ctrl+ Previous Page

Keyboard shortcuts for dates

Keyboard shortcut Results Applications
Ctrl+SHIFT+7 Insert today's date
Ctrl+SHIFT+7 Move forward one day
ALT+ Move back one day
Ctrl+SHIFT+0 Move forward one month
Ctrl+SHIFT+9 Move back one month
Ctrl+SHIFT+ Move forward one year
Ctrl+SHIFT+ Move back one year

Non-standard keyboard shortcuts

There are two types of keyboard shortcuts which do not correspond to the standards. To do this, it is important to know these deviations from the standard action so that you are aware of the Maximo® Asset response

Non Keyboard Elements Action Results
Radio Buttons Move between buttons with right & left arrows Active button highlighted can be selected with Enter
Tree view Press Enter to select a node Arrow keys to navigate, Enter key to select

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