Maximo mobile solutions – what about GIS integrations ?

MAXapps GIS features

Today Mobile technologies are reshaping work operations in many sectors, on organizations of all sizes. One of the most remarkable benefits of this trend reside in GIS applications.

Hundreds of thousands of organizations in virtually every field are using GIS to make maps to gather & share information, and perform analysis. But Maintaining accurate, up-to-date asset data has been a challenge for decades.  In many cases, a broken feedback loop results in the quality of GIS data degrading over time

What is GIS and an how does it impact an EAM ?

Geographic information system (GIS) is a mapping technology designed to capture, store and display a data layer of specific elements by their locations.

An Enterprise asset management program (EAM) is focused on maintaining organization's physical assets in the most effective manner. Therefore, anything about assets is being measured and condition monitored, including their locations over time.

In IBM Maximo, every activity based features, like work orders or service requests, is related to assets, locations or service address.

Consider the case of electric power utilities. Assets tend to be geographically widely distributed. With the implement of the smart grid, spatial data underlies everything an electric utility does. Every operational activity including assets like substations, workforce, or outage management deeply rely on GIS.

The same logic may apply to water utilities, or oil & gas or telecom industries. In fact, location data is business-critical for many reasons, starting with the spatial context :

MAXapps GIS spatial

• Location : Knowing the right asset location enables to assign the right resources for an inspection.

• Proximity : Being able to visualize the asset distribution on a map allows the manager to select the nearer storeroom or maintenance team.

• Distance : If a maintenance depot is miles away from sensitive equipment, this could lead your managers to prioritize PM on this asset

• Area : What new properties are being developped and where ?

Even for assets not separated by large distances, GIS applications still help the organization to track, analyze, and manage the physical asset’s location & condition.

How do MAXapps geotagging and GIS features interact with Maximo ?

Finding a mobile solution for Maximo that fully integrate with your GIS maps is mandatory nowadays. Let's briefly review some of the main benefits :

• Efficiency : GIS and EAM integrated mobility helps field workers know exactly where their asset is, what is around it, how to best physically access the asset and how to best maintain it. For example, Work orders can now be populated with exact GIS location of the asset, and GIS application can determine the fastest route for field workers to complete.

• Accuracy : Integrating your GIS/EAM system eliminates the need for duplicate data entry which reduces time taken to enter data and reduce inconsistencies.

• Cross-analysis : Coupling your GIS and EAM system allows for location based analysis of your assets and their locations, which enables organizations to analyze trends in your maintenance program

Introducing MAXapps, a map based mobile application for Maximo bringing all your GIS maps and maximo data all together in one outstanding asset management tool.

You can synchronize all your works orders, all your assets and maps together from one rich GIS UX in both connected and offline modes

MAXapps GIS workflows

Someone at the office create or update a WO, the data is transmited to the assigned technician using MAXapps in the field

if the Work order is assigned in a place with connectivity issue, the maintenance team will still have all the maximo data, including map visualization details.

From the map, you can show or hide asset map layers, view or create WO, see detailed asset specifications, or review as build drawings specific to your equipment

MAXapps Geo-tagging

If your organization relies on Maximo for the management of physical assets, then you should consider to try our demo, for Android or IOS devices.

Maxapps brings you the most advanced mapping capabilities in the field with full integration to all Maximo processes.