IBM Maximo Link Roundup

Even with the recent evolution of predictive maintenance, inspections remain the core of the asset management activity throughout the company.

In many cases though, they remain manually processed, performed with a clipboard & paper based forms.

We have previously discussed on how MAXapps brings the full functionality of Maximo Inspections to offline mobile devices. MAXapps enables real-time communication and data entry at the source and lets the workforce have immediate access to data in the field.

Let's take a closer look at some topics related to conducting an inspection with Maximo.

Maximo Link Roundup

Mobile inspections with IBM Maximo

How to build an Inspection Program with IBM Maximo

A comprehensive presentation on how to build an easier process of inspections with Maximo

build an Inspection Program with IBM Maximo.

Reporting Multiple Inspections results (on Maximo and later)

The Maximo release of Inspections introduce the capability to report multiple inspections results at the same time, to better support operator rounds and sequenced inspection

Reporting Multiple Inspections results on Maximo.

Get started with IBM Maximo Asset Monitor

The new asset monitoring solution, Asset Monitor is a component of the SaaS version of IBM Maximo. This solution provides AI-based remote monitoring: fewer, more meaningful and actionable alerts, and better insight into the cause of failures lead to increased ROA.

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor.

How to build an inspection routine (Case studies)

O&M on Commercial Refrigeration Leak Prevention (EPA source)

O & M GreenChill program for reducing refrigerant emissions from commercial sites (EPA source)

O&M on Commercial Refrigeration Leak Prevention.

O&M Inspections - RCRA Ground-Water Monitoring Systems (EPA source)

Describes the operation and maintenance (O&M) inspection process and explains how it fits into the Agency's overall enforcement effort, and how to plan and conduct and O&M inspection of RCRA ground water monitoring systems. OSWER Directive No. 9950-3. Issued March 1988.

O&M Inspections - RCRA Ground-Water Monitoring Systems.

Denver Fire Department : Extinguish Field Inspection Frustrations With Rugged Handhelds

The Denver Fire Department (DFD) began looking for a way to improve its preplan inspection process, its fire department application vendor announced its application was now compatible with mobile computing devices that ran on the Pocket PC platform.

Denver Fire Department : Extinguish Field Inspection.

Rugged devices

Best Rugged Smartphones and Tablets for Performing Inspections in the Field in 2020

Field inspectors and auditors are often required to visit some of the most hostile locations on the planet. Their goal is to determine if the equipment and processes are fit for purpose. With complex working environments and complex business problems, having the right tools for the job is essential. Acquiring a way of recording their findings without having to resort to paper and pencil is critical.

Techradar : Best rugged smartphones in 2020.
Best of the Class.
Best rugged tablets in 2020.

The best borescopes and inspection cameras in 2020

The best borescopes, or inspection cameras, have become must-have accessories for tradesmen and DIYers who need to see the pipework under a floor board or to inspect drains. They are now essential tools for mechanics and car enthusiasts – allowing you to see parts of an engine without having to take it apart.

Top drones for inspection in 2020

Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs) are changing the way that companies around the world perform inspections. In fact, the drone inspection market continues to grow as technology enables more and more applications.