MAXapps vs other Maximo mobile alternatives

A practical look over Maximo mobile solutions (20+ parameters)

A recent Linkedin Poll clearly stated that while all the Maximo mobile solutions seem to provide similar capabilities, yet they all differ.

Here’s a likely explanation. IBM has provided several ways of interacting with Maximo. Thus, a wise solution will greatly depends on the business needs and the mobile technology at the time being. Besides, in his mobility and implementation planning, the Maximo admin will not overlook the fact that both of them are evolving

That being said, we feel here at iMAXeam that simplicity and flexibility should always lead your decisions first. MAXapps cames up with a maximo mobile solution that does require no additional server requirements and configuration needs.

MAXapps Maximo Anywhere Other Apps
Time to deploy Minimal Less than 30 min Complex Minimal to Complex
Screen Configuration Simple Drag & Drop Complex Generally No
Instant app design update
and distribution to end-users
Yes No No
Meet organization
Yes without Customisation No Out of box product that
needs Customisation
Full Integration Yes No Genreally No
Encrypted and Secured Fully Secured Yes May Vary
Hidden and not Indexed No Maximo instance or
web server exposed
Yes with Limitation May Vary
LDAP Support Fully Supported Yes with Limitation Not all of them
Clustering and Redundancy Fully Supported No May Vary
Scalable Solution Easy to scale, 100's to 1000's Yes Require Maximo resizing
Support all device features
Scan Video Image Voice motion Bluetooth
Fully Supported Yes Some of them
Support all Maximo features Fully Supported No Not all of them
True Connected / Offline Mode Fully Supported No Not all of them
GIS / MAP support Fully Supported Yes Some with Limitation
Visual Calendar Fully Integrated No Some with Limitation
User Connection Management Full end to end user Management Some what May Vary
Push Notification Support google apps and aws Basic Some with Limitation
Advanced WF interaction Fully supported including Maximo interaction No Generally No

How MAXapps actually ranks against other maximo mobile solutions ?

The purpose of this comparison is to give a first hand view of the functionnalities you may expect from when mobilizing Maximo. At this stage, we will not get into technical specifications but you’ll certainly want to follow by doing a more detailed evaluation before making the ultimate decision. Some of these apps, including MAXapps , have demos available for testing.

Based on this perspective, we, at iMAXeam, are confident that our cost effective solution, MAXapps, will meet all your criteria.

• Easy to install and to implement with its full integration to Maximo Workcenter and our Designer

• Easy to use with its mobile friendly UX

• Solid Scalable solution built to work even on high demanding environment

• Yet highly secured since its support high level encryption and full LDAP support