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Quickly and intuitively create, update, distribute apps to the user, and get gadget functionalities.
Functions 1


The application is functional with or without internet access.

Scanning Options

Scanning items, asset's barcode or documents in the device.

Workflow Routing

There is the possibility of routing your records through the workflow with Maximo application solution. They can be routed automatically or manually in Maximo or Maxapps.

Push Notifications

Get notification and display records on the device using the push technology according to the where Clause and the workflow assignments.

Integration With Map for Geo-Tagging

The integrated GPS within Maxapps allows you to geo-locate your file in the Maxapps application.

Functions 2

Build Your Own KPI

KPIs are created and managed in Maximo's KPI application. They are in the form of graph, histogram or gauge. KPI is in number or text format and it indicates critical areas and danger zones. It displays important information concerning the number of interruptions or the number of assets currently down.

Real Time

It showcases information in real-time from the data in IBM Maximo.

Performance / Cost Monitoring

Customized KPIs help technicians track their actions and adjust to improve their performance or offer solutions to their manager.

Easy Reading

KPIs are responsive and adjust to the size of your screens, resulting in easy reading.


It can be grouped and provide control access for authorized users.


It can be shared. More detailed reports can be generated and sent by email directly from your mobile application.

Functions 3

Monitoring Device Conditions

Receive real-time information from your device and check for warnings. Temperature, device vibrations associated with assets/ location in Maximo will display on your gadget.


Receive real-time notification when limits are crossed and check directly on your machine through Maximo app solution.

Data History

Check the history on your equipment to detect the time of the Maximo data surge.


More detailed reports can be generated and sent by email directly from your mobile application to be analyzed.

Grouping Devices and Controlling Access

Devices are categorized by location. Access control authorization is managed by IBM Maximo.


Display IoT information in graphical form, on KPI indicator or value forms.

Intro to MAXapps

MAXapps is a Maximo mobile solution that enables you to build applications in compliance with your processes. It is an IBM Maximo mobile solution. It increases the engagement of your users and gathers reliable, real-time information.

MAXapps is a robust, reliable solution that can support thousands of users at the same time. It provides advanced management of connectivity, sessions and handles internet clipping and full offline mode.

MAXapps enables you to create, update, and distribute for your users. It provides diverse functionalities through the mobile solution such as: receiving alert/notification, GPS localization, managing photos and videos, and scanning. It allows you to connect your IoT gadgets to leverage all modern capabilities.

MAXapps allows you to manage authorization control and multiple designs if needed through your organization. This allows you to meet high standard business practice. It permits you to focus on the business whilst preventing any waste of time.

MAXapps gives you the most enjoyable experience with the latest mobile solution design and optimized code. It provides the best performances on a well-priced package and answers the professional and enterprise's needs.

Mobile Responsive

Easy Implementation

Your implementation, from installation to integration with Maximo is straightforward. The installation guides you through all the stages. The configuration is simple and our team accompanies you throughout the process. Whether it's an environment with clusters, with LDAP or a standard environment, the installer has all the resources to integrate MAXApps into your environment.

Administering the Application from Maximo

The setup is similar to any other application in Maximo. In the designer, you add the fields, place the security, add actions, relationships and any other element necessary to the conception of your mobile app. Tasks do not require any programming. An analyst or a professional who is accustomed to developing Maximo application will be at ease.

Maxapps Designer

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You can try our app, with pre-built process and app on our demo Maximo. Get familiar with our functionalities such as email notification, scanning, GPS localization and more.

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