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MAXapps Key Capabilities

Design your UI

MAXapps comes with a unique user friendly designer platform. Simply put, the designer allows you to configure your apps without any developer skills. Build your applications according to your business and work processes. Increase the engagement of your workforce. Last, but not the least, get reliable real-time information with myriad of designs

Rock Solid

MAXapps is a robust and reliable solution that can support thousands of users connected at the same time without any visible loss of performance. MAXapps technology based on Client / Server architecture has been validated through numerous stress tests on various environment

Connect Anywhere. Anytime.

MAXapps has been built with connectivity issues in mind. Therefore, any Apple or Android mobile device can interact from anywhere with Maximo, regardless of the networks conditions, in both real-time (connected) as well as offline (disconnected) modes. Its full online / offline mode provides a flawless user experience with seamlessly background synchronization and it handles internet clipping.

High level Security

MAXapps allows you to manage authorization controls & Privileges to the level needed in your organization. Moreover, MAXapps ensure data safety on mobility by using a high level of encryption, along with data validation and error reporting in the offline mode.

Features that users rely on

Swiftly create, update and distribute apps to any assigned end-user and empower them with new functionalities
MAXapps Applications

Connected / Offline Mode

Connectivity is no longer an issue since MAXapps switches seamlessly to a full secured Offline mode in case of networks breakdown

True Scanning Capabilities

Your maintenance or inventory teams may use any connected device in order to scan asset's barcode, or any kind of readable QR codes

Workflow Routing

MAXapps let you easily track & interact with the automated processes (routing, approuving, releasing or any other routable object) in your workflows

Push Notifications

Get notifications and display records on any authorized device. MAXapps let you use the push technology according to your workflow assignments

Integration With Map for GeoTagging

MAXapps will interact with the device integrated GPS in order to allow the geolocation of any secured file created during any session


Build Your Own KPI

MAXapps will display a dashboard featuring graphs, histograms or gauges of any key performance indicators created and managed in Maximo's KPI application.

Real Time

MAXapps brings the opportunity to take direct action as soon as issues occur because it showcases Maximo's information in real-time.

Performance / Cost Monitoring

Improve your asset & worforce overall performance by using customized KPIs that will help your technicians track their actions or offer solutions to their manager.

Easy to follow

The readability of your dashboard has not been forgotten since all customized KPIs are fully responsive and adjust to the screen size of your devices, resulting in easy reading.


Every manager has the ability to create groups based on criteria of his choice and generate a specific interface. Thus you let your teams focus on what really matter


MAXapps gives the adminitrator all the flexibility to generate useful forms for each department. Every detailed report can be generated and sent directly by email


Monitor your Physical Assets

Real-time information on Temperature, Pressure, equipment vibrations can be collected from your Maximo's server. All configured warnings will be displayed on any authorized device


Receive real-time notification when limits are crossed and check directly on your machine through Maximo app solution.

Data History

Check the history on your equipment to detect the time of the Maximo data surge.


More detailed reports can be generated and sent by email directly from your mobile application to be analyzed.

Grouping Devices and Controlling Access

Devices are categorized by location. Access control authorization is managed by IBM Maximo.


Display IoT information in graphical form, on KPI indicator or value forms.

MAXapps UI

Implementation Made Easy

The implementation with Maximo is straightforward, from installation to integration, since you will be guided through all stages.
The installer has all the resources to integrate MAXapps into your environment, even if it is built with clusters or a Ldap.
Besides our geek squad will assist you throughout the process

Manage MAXapps Application from Maximo

MAXapps setup is similar to any other application in Maximo.
From the Maximo designer, the administrator will have to add fields, place the security, add actions, relationships and any other elements useful to the conception of your mobile app.
Those Tasks do not require any programming and a professional or an analyst with entry level developing skills in Maximo application will be at ease.


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Easy to install
Easy to Use
Cost Effective

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Get familiar with our functionalities such as
email notification, scanning, GPS localization and many more.

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